Simulation Safety First: Spanish Translation

The  message of simulation safety is spreading to our Spanish-speaking colleagues!

We are so grateful to Priscilla Carmiol-Rodríguez for translating our editorial to Spanish. Priscilla teaches at at the University of Costa Rica’s Healthcare Simulation Center, and  has worked in healthcare simulation for over 7 years. The Simulation Center is located at the Nursing School, and is an SSH accredited center.

Our colleagues generously agreed to review the translation, and provided valuable feedback. Demian Szyld, MD is the Senior Director of the Institute for Medical Simulation at the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston.  José Mª Maestre, MD is the Director of Educational Innovation at Virtual Hospital Valdecilla in Santander Spain, and is on the faculty of  Institute for Medical Simulation, Center for Medical Simulation in Boston.

We thank Pricilla, Demian and José for your time and talent!

The translated version is here: Seguridad Primero

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