2019 Year in Review

Over the last few years, the message of simulation safety has gained strength.  Thanks to all of our friends and colleagues for doing your part to keep sim safe!

6000 Website visits from 66 Countries

71 Label orders fulfilled

441 Label templates downloaded from website

Spanish and Portuguese translations of the editorial: Simulation Safety First; An Imperative

Simulation Safety was a featured topic on Simulcast Journal Club.  The online journal club discussed the Practically Saline article; a wide-ranging discussion followed.

Dr. Catherine Morse invited Ann Mullen to contribute a section on simulation safety to the article: The Changing Landscape of Simulation-Based Education, published in August 2019 in the American Journal of Nursing.

Plans for 2020

IMSH workshop:  First Do No Harm: Strategies to Prevent Simulation Accidents. This is the 4th time we have presented this workshop; each time we hear more examples of simulation mishaps and mitigation strategies.

IMSH Booth This is our first time hosting a booth at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare.  We hope to see you in San Diego! 


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