Standardized Not for human use / education only labels have been designed in three sizes to be affixed to all simulation equipment, supplies, and medications.  They can be purchased here as self-stick laminated labels in rolls of 250 for the printing cost plus shipping and a handling fee.

At this time, we cannot ship outside of the United States.

Alternatively, templates for printing your own labels on Avery adhesive label sheets can be downloaded (note – they will not be waterproof unless you laminate them).

Order printed waterproof labels on-line here. ORDER

Should I purchase labels or print them myself?

The choice is yours!  Keep in mind that the cost of printing them yourself is substantial when you consider the cost of the sticky label sheets and the expensive color ink.  Sadly, the self-printed labels do run if you get them wet or touch them.  For a few pennies more per label you can purchase the self adhesive rolls or laminated labels.  They may be more cost effective in the long run.

Download Avery templates:

(Make sure your printer settings are “print actual size” as you may have other default settings such as “shrink oversize pages”)

Avery Label Compatibility

Small Label Template

Medium Label Template

Large Label Template

New!! Spanish Labels

Spanish Avery Small

Spanish Avery 30 Medium

Spanish Avery 10 Large