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Pre and Post In Situ Simulation Safety Checklist

The British Columbia  Simulation Network (BCSN) developed and refined a safety checklist for in situ simulations.  This tool is the product of many hours of work by  Helen Clugston, RN at Interior Health Authority, Darin Abbey, RN, Director of the Centre for Interprofessional Clinical Simulation Learning [CICSL] and members of the BCSN.  Their comprehensive tool includes an inventory list to account for medications and supplies as well as considerations for physical and psychological safety.  This document is a useful guide to educators, especially during the planning phase of their programs. 

The BCSN team has made several updates to the checklist; the most recent version is here:  BCSN Checklist

In Situ Simulation Safety Briefing Checklist

Victoria Brazil and Eve Purdy created this checklist for In Situ Safety Briefing.  Checklists are quite useful; this one is clean, clear and concise.  The authors are keenly aware of the importance of covering important details in a time-constrained setting.

The briefing tool: in-situ-simulation-safety-checklist-brazil-purdy-december-2018

More info posted on the ICE (International Clinician Educators) Blog

Simulation Safety Tips

Our colleague, Lisa Resch, BSN, RN, CHSE shared a comprehensive description of the safety measures implemented at the Aurora BayCare Medical Center.  Lisa is the Clinical Simulation Coordinator at the center, located in Green Bay, WI.  We are pleased that she is applying safety strategies, and thank her for sharing with the simulation community.

Lisa’s strategies here: Tip sheet